Cookies Policy (“we,” “us,” or “our”) uses cookies on the website and all the available services. In order to use our website and services, you (“user”, “customer”) have to show your consent to the cookies policy. Once you agree to the statement, cookies will be sent to your browser to receive certain information. Before you move ahead with your usage of the website, go through the cookies policy and all other documents.

What are cookies?

Cookies are small data files sent to the browser by the web server whenever a user visits any page on the website. When customers access our website, the browser asks them to choose their preferred language, login details, website selection, etc. Providing this information helps us to recognize the customer and provide them with a better service experience.

Accepting the cookie statement also contributes to the company’s marketing and publicity activities. There are different types of cookies, among which some get saved in the browser and others get deleted after the browser is closed.

Different Types Of Cookies We Use

1. Strictly Necessary Cookies: The smooth performance of the website requires this sort of cookie. These cookies assist users to use all of the features of the website.
2. Advertising Cookies: These sorts of cookies are required by the advertising partners of Kleets. They use such cookies to learn about users’ interests and serve them with ads they are interested in.
3. Performance Cookies: This type of cookie is used to analyze the website and the way users interact with it. It helps us to evaluate the effectiveness of a website by understanding the pages users prefer to visit and how much time they invest in it. Using this information we make the changes for a better experience.
4. Functional Cookies: These cookie files identify the users who return back to the website and help us to make changes according to the preferences. This type of cookie maintains a track of login and logout details and every move you make on the site.

How do Use The Cookies?

There are various purposes why users are asked to accept the cookie statement. Some of the objectives are stated below:

    • To provide you with access to our services in all areas.
    • To monitor your website usage and save the preferences to provide customizable service.
    • To obtain analytics of various parts of the site
    • To give users a personalised advertising experience.
    • To recognize the users and their browser preferences.
    • To authenticate users and preserve their account privacy.
    • To update our service according to the needs of the customer
    • To check and evaluate the customer’s response to new pages, features, and functions.

Deleting or Removing The Cookies

Users have all the rights to refuse the acceptance of cookies or remove them if accepted. If you want to delete the cookies or remove them, you can easily do so by visiting the browser’s help page. However, by doing so, you might not be able to enjoy all the website’s features and save your preferences for the future. Some of our website’s pages may not appear properly when cookies are refused.

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